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Wedding Photography and Video in Tarragona


we capture&we count


Lifetime Weddings
and we want to create those memories of your
love storyforever

We have grown up between cameras, spotlights, photography rods and seeing many wedding photos. Yes, we are the second generation of the family that is dedicated to telling love stories. 

Already with a few years of experience in our work and having shaped our style of photography and video, our philosophy and vision, we wanted to give birth to Lifetime with the idea of continuing to create love stories that would last in families for a lifetime._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Not only focusing on a wedding and simply looking for a pose, but looking for photos that convey emotions, others that have an artistic part, explain the story of that day and on video focusing on the stories of those people who love each other and who they want to share their whole life.


Meet Lifetime...

As you can see we are brothers, with differences and similarities. We always like to work together, that's why the #bettertogether hashtag is important in a team to get along, respect each other and understand each other's way of working.


That is why we always prefer to offer the joint service of photos and videos for weddings.

Eric Blasco
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I'm Eric Blasco and I'm a videographer of weddings, events and any story that deserves to be explained.


I live in Reus, near Tarragona, but I have also done reports in Barcelona, Lleida, Girona, Huesca, Castellón, Málaga... New York.

For me there are no distances when it comes to mixing my two passions: traveling and telling stories.

One of my premises when telling a story is to think about the memory that will remain for posterity, to create the best memory for you.

photo_2019-11-15 18.26_edited.jpg
Ferran Blasco
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Hello! I am Ferran Blasco and I am fortunate to work in what I like the most: photography. Thanks to it, I can capture moments and images that would have vanished forever and, thus, be able to transport the protagonists to a date, a memory and unforgettable sensations.
But not all my life is summed up in photographs.

The most important part of my story is Chloe, my daughter, her smile and her love mean everything to me.

Apart from being a photographer and a father, I am a lover of soccer, paddle tennis and coffee.

I love movies and series.

Some of our works

wedding photography

services we offer

Wedding Video

Fusion pre wedding

Being able to know the ins and outs, the details, the kisses...

Our creativity is born from you, from your tastes, from your way of looking at each other and from your "feeling" as a couple and my challenge is to capture your essence, the moment, the love.

Video booth 360

The 360 video booth has reached the world of weddings with a strong footing. The guests have a great time and get a very fun memory instantly on their mobile with your wedding logo and the music you want.


Our style, both photography and video, is a creative photojournalism style. In other words, we capture every moment, every smile, every tear, every feeling, every detail of your big day in a creative way and trying to go unnoticed.


Our goal is to tell the reality of your wedding but giving it a touch of magic with our cameras and our art.


We tell your story, we capture every moment and transmit emotions.

Puente broklyn
Todos los videos
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Love Stories Videos

Going to NYC for us was an unforgettable experience where we were able to live with Ariadna & Clifton and explain their beautiful love story through the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

+ Customers Love
Eric and Ferran are great, they are very professional in their work, quick to deliver results and above all they have great taste when taking photos and videos. At our wedding they knew how to make the best of every moment and make it unique, the video has been spectacular, like a movie, without a doubt, if one day I need a photographer or videographer, we will repeat!


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